Our Programmes

 The Shri Ram Schools (TSRS)
 Mewat Rural Education Programme (MREP)
Mewat Rural Vocational Programme (MRVP)
Enhancing Early Education Programme (3EP)
ShriSambandh (SS)
SRF Vidyalaya (SRFV)
CSR at SRF Plant Locations

1. The Shri Ram Schools (TSRS)

The Shri Ram Schools (TSRS) were set up in 1988 as part of the SRF Foundation, under the ageis and vision of Padma Shree late Mrs. Manju Bharat Ram. Since then, the school has expanded to four campuses in New Delhi and Gurgaon. Committed to providing quality education, TSRS are progressive, inclusive, secular, child-centric, and co-educational. The schools also have a longstanding commitment to the inclusion of children with special needs, and cater to an ever growing learning environment while maintaining an excellent teacher student ratio. TSRS was ranked India's No 1 day school by Education World's Schools survey in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2014.


To find out more, visit www.tsrs.org

2. Mewat Rural Education Programme (MREP)

SRF Foundation runs MREP in partnership with the Department of Elementary Education / Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of the Government of Haryana to make a holistic improvement in 28 primary schools and 19 middle schools in the Nuh Block of the Mewat District of Haryana. MREP focuses on pre-primary, primary and middle schools in the region by advocating "Quality Education for All" with a holistic and value based approach through ongoing research and innovations, as well as applying global best practices in education. For MREP the word "Quality Education for All" implies the upgrade of the infrastructure and classroom facilities, as well as the improvement of the curriculum, the teacher-pupil ratio, the teacher participants, the co-curricular, the health and hygiene, the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process, the enrollment, the parental engagement, the leadership, the student's retention and the school-parent-community relationship. Today the MREP has touched the lives of 16,000 children and 350 teachers in Mewat.

Current programmes include:

Support My School Programme


SRF Foundation jointly with Coca-Cola India/Enrich Agro, Tetra Pak India, UN-HABITAT and SunEdison successfully completed season 2 in 10 schools and commenced the 3rd season of SMS program in 8 school complexes in Mewat District under our flagship program ‘Mewat Rural Education Program’ (MREP). The program is designed to channelize strengths of the partners and come up with a model of healthy active schools. This collaboration impacting around 4500 students and lay claim to better access to sanitation, water, playing facilities, libraries, computer centers and a more welcoming and learning environment.

IBM KidSmart Programme

In 2010, the IBM KidSmart Programme was launched in 18 of Mewat Primary Schools. Later the programme expanded to 8 schools in Mewat, 12 in Alwar (Rajasthan), 1 in Manali (Chennai), 3 in Madhya Pradesh, 11 in Gujarat and 4 in Tamil Nadu. Today, with a total of 44 IBM KidSmart centers, this programme serves the educational needs of 540 teachers and 23,200 school-going and out-of-school children aged 3 to 8. It provides them the opportunity to experience state-of-the-art computer learning. Reading, craft corner and physical education have also been integrated to help develop the reading, cognitive, physical and creative skills of the children. IBM respective state group and SRF Foundation are the partners of this programs.




In May 2012, a mobile van, Avishkar, was launched to promote science and community mobilization in all MREP schools and villages. Fitted with science equipment, models, a projector and sounds system, the van allows students to perform science lab activities with the equipment, technology, and methods that are usually not available in schools.

We believe that providing students with the opportunities to carry out hands-on science experiment will enable them to learn science concepts more effectively, and in a more interesting and enjoyable way.

Spreading community messages or issues with the van's P.A. system and projection facility has also enhanced the effectiveness of communication within the communities. Through the use of videos, communities are more interested to understand issues concerning education of children, school development, etc.

Udaan Programme

In November 2011, SRF Foundation, in collaboration with CARE India, launched an 11 months long residential learning programme specifically designed to help out-of school girls aged 11 to 14 to complete primary level schooling. Apart from teaching the girls Hindi, Maths, EVS, Urdu and Quran, the accelerated education programme also provides lodging, food, welfare, and facilities such as a library. Upon completing the 11 months, the girls are enrolled into regular schools, and admitted into their respective age-appropriate classes. The programme comes at no cost to the participants, it has an annual capacity of 100 students with completion of 2nd batch and mainstreamed 200 girls into the regular schools. Currently the 3rd batch is operational with 100 more girls.


Techniques of Teaching Science to Middle School (TTS-MS)


In July, 2014, SRF Foundation in collaboration with State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and IBM launched science program covering 21 District Institutes of Education and Training (DIET) by working with its faculty and 315 schools @ 15 Schools per district selected from all 21 districts of Haryana. Collaborating with SCERT, SRF Foundation will train the DIET faculty throughout the year in two batches on monthly basis. These faculty members receiving training and exposure will train the teachers of selected middle schools on fortnightly basis in their respective Districts. They will also be groomed by integrating TTS web resources into the training program and build the Science Teaching capacity in respective districts of Haryana State.

Aims of Program are:

  • Build the capacities of DIET faculty on innovative science practices
  • Prepare selected schools in their respective districts to promote Science Education
  • Preparing the teachers and children to participate at District, State & National level Science Exhibitions, Theature and Drama.
  • Nurture online science community in the Haryana Education System.

Promotion of Leadership at School Level

The success of any institution depends on the leader. Especially in the school system. The adage goes -"the school is the headmaster, headmaster is the school". It is the leadership quality and the ability to influence others that will take the school to the great heights. A survey conducted found that if the headmasters are exposed to the latest approaches in school leadership, the entire school will naturally assimilate to the new approach, and develop to a great extent.

With this in mind, the SRF foundation envisaged and launched a programme for Headmasters to provide them the opportunities to interact with the luminaries in the field of education.


3. Mewat Rural Vocational Programme (MRVP)

The SRF Foundation connects the unconnected by linking the unemployed with the industries that need them. Through the Mewat Rural Vocational Programme (MRVP), youths between the ages of 18 to 30 from the impoverished Mewat District in Haryana are given professional training and guidance in the fields of electrical trade,spoken english and small business creation.

In partnership with Schneider Electric, Times Group and ATDC, The SRF Foundation ensures that the training courses are of the highest industry standards to endorse optimal potential for employment.The SRF Foundation aims to progressively lead the disenfranchised in Mewat to economic security by making both the skills, and the opportunities available for them.

Current programmes include:

Basic Electrician Training Program (BETP)


SRF Foundation collaborated with Schneider Electric India to train the youth of villages aged 18 to 30 in the electrical trade, so as to provide them with better employment opportunities and subsequent income generation. This partnership ensures and dovetails Industrial training on Electrical trade to the unemployed male covering 19 villages of Nuh Block (Mewat district) and their placement after successful completion of training. The programme was launched in June 2012. The Present location of the training centre is in Nuh. Till September, 2014 we have successfully completed 5 batches while 6th batch is currently going on. In 5 batches we have trained 137 electricians so far and out of them nearly 60 students are self-employed/employed with average monthly earning of about Rs. 6000.

Spoken English – Teach India Program

SRF Foundation, in collaboration with Times Group, has started TEACH INDIA programme, a course in spoken English for youth from the marginalized section of the society in Mewat. A total of 539 boys and girls from Nuh block and project villages have successfully completed the course in 13 batches so far. Many of the people who have completed the course have secured jobs in the hospitality, service, retail and financial sector in Gurgaon, Delhi and the nearby areas. Some of the top recruiters are Aegis, Pizza Hut, KFC etc. The 14th Batch will commence from 15th October 2014.


Project "Rahat" - By the women, For the women, To the women


Due to lack of awareness on how to maintain clean environment and better hygienic conditions, the villagers of Mewat suffer from various diseases. In the backward areas, the situation worsens as females are not aware of how to maintain cleanliness during their menstrual periods and use of sanitary napkins. A significant number of them also cannot afford these napkins due to their poor economic condition.

Project "Rahat" is an initiative which produces low-cost sanitary napkin for the improved health of women, and provides employment opportunities and economic sustainability of the women of the Mewat district. This project aims to provide direct employment to women and will provide door to door access of sanitary napkins to 2500 women of the nearby villages on monthly basis.

4. Enhancing Early Education Programme (3EP)

A sister concern of The Shri Ram Schools, Enhancing Early Education is the banner under which the SRF Foundation offers courses and interventions in Early Childhood Education. It was instituted in July, 2007, and is based in The Shri Ram School, Aravali.

The Enhancing Early Education Core Programme (3EP) is involved in running a six month Nursery Teacher Training course for persons desirous of working with children in the age group of 2-6 years. The Teacher Support Programme offers In-service Teacher Training to both private and public agencies. Teachers from Anand Pre School, Ajanta Public School, SRS School (Bhiwani), TSPPS (Bhondsi), Medhaam Pre School, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, TSMS (Noida) and TSEY have been trained on various aspects of child centered education Enhancing Early Education also supports the Mewat Rural Education Programme undertaken by SRFF in the pedagogical sphere.


Drawing from the wealth of experience of The Shri Ram Schools, The Enhancing Early Education Programme seeks to spread the magic of The Shri Ram School philosophy, which translates into a practical and innovative child centric methodology. This integrates contemporary pedagogical practice, incorporating methodologies that are applicable globally. Thus, Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles, impact of various schools of thought in Education, and Experiential Learning - all find a place in a manner that is practical and hands on.

To find out more, visit www.shriearlyeducation.com

5. Shri Sambandh (SS)

Shri Sambandh is an outreach consultancy based programme that offers technical support and guidance in academic services such as customized teacher training, curriculum design, conducting learning camps, teaching and learning material preparation, leadership training, design of co-curricular programmes, evaluation of academic performance and providing institutional support to our partners who run education programmes for deprived children.

Over the years this programme has impacted the lives of 200 teachers and 5,000 children from government schools.

So far consultancy has been provided to organizations like Daly College in Indore, K.C public School in Jammu, Satpal Mittal School in Ludhiana, Sanskaar Valley School in Bhopal, Bodh Siksha Samiti in Rajasthan, Aga Khan Development Network in Uri, Aga Khan Foundation, Mewat Development Agency and The Shri Ram Police Public School (TSPPS).


6. SRF Vidyalaya (SRFV)

SRF Vidyalaya, an initiative supported by SRF Technical Textiles Business (TTB), is located in Manali, Chennai. Since 1991, the school has dedicated itself to delivering quality education to children of plant employees and the less fortunate, aged 3 to 14.


Partners of SRF Vidyalaya includes SRF Chennai, SRF Vidyalaya Alumni Association, The hindu, Geographic Association, IBM India Ltd., Cancer Society, Vasan Eye Care, and Tamil Mandram.

The objectives of SRF Vidyalaya are to:

  • Provide quality education to local community as available to urban children
  • Provide quality education to first generation learners
  • Provide a holistic learner-center curriculum.

7. CSR at SRF Plant Locations

As a part of the CSR Policy of SRF Ltd. prepared in line with Company’s Act 2013, SRF Foundation shall plan and carry out the CSR activities at all the SRF plant locations in India in the select areas of Education, Vocational Skills, Preventive Health Care, Environment Sustainability and Women Empowerment.
The geographical areas involved are:

  • SRF Gurgaon, Haryana - Directly 19 Villages & Indirectly entire state
  • SRF Bhiwadi, Rajasthan - 48 Villages
  • SRF Dahej, Gujarat - 11 villages
  • SRF Kashipur, Uttrakhand - 4 Villages
  • SRF Pantnagar, Uttrakhand - 1 Village
  • SRF Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh - 2 Villages
  • SRF Indore, Madhya Pradesh - 5 Villages
  • SRF Manali, Tamil Nadu - 2 Villages
  • SRF Viralmalai,Tamil Nadu- 4 Villages
  • SRF Goomdipoondi, Tamil Nadu - 2 Villages